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 DEFIANT Comics published product with cover dates ranging from June 1993 to September 1994. According to Vantage Magazine,  DEFIANT "terminated all employees and ceased publication of all comics on August 31, 1994". Due to the abrupt halting of production, many solicitited products were never released. This site was originally created in January 2003 to be a tool for anyone wanting to find out more about  DEFIANT Comics .

 This site was created so that fans and retailers could have a reference as to what was actually released. Many reference sites and price guides were incomplete and inaccurate at the time this site was conceived. The main goal on this site is to list only the comics produced, but cards, promotional products, and original art may be occasionally be featured.
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Recent News & Updates 

8/4/2016 - Updated the Good Guys #2  page to make reference to a known version with a printing error. Thanks to online collector "Starbrand" for providing this information.

7/14/2016 - Added some scans of  DEFIANT Card products (oversized card sheets, etc.). Upgraded some images for some DEFIANT related collectibles.

5/3/2016 - Added information for a "Collector Value Pack" which included Good Guys #1, Dark Dominion #3, and Warriors of Plasm #5. The pages for the individual issues has been update.

5/1/2016 -  Revived the page for Solicited product as well as Cancelled products.

4/28/2016 - Updated some issues to indicate that signed versions exist and added scans of the Certificate of Authenticity. Those include Dark Dominion #1, Dogs of War #1, Dogs of War #2,  DEFIANT Genesis (without comicfest banner) #1, Origin of the DEFIANT Universe #1, and Good Guys #1. These will not be listed on the Index page because certificates and signatures can be easily forged. Corrected some typo's on the One Shots Cover Gallery.

2/23/2016 -  Updated the DEFIANT Comics checklist with links to images and galleries. The site has been plagued by upper/lower case discrepancies on the file names which have made some links invalid. The site has cleaned up some hyperlinks for the Warriors of Plasm title today.

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